Ed. Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

In partnership with Aspect Australia and Autism Spectrum, we're dedicated to creating a welcoming environment that caters to the diverse needs of our community. Soon you will see sensory maps on our website and in our Centre plus we will be training our staff to enhance the customer experience, ensuring all shoppers feel welcome and comfortable while visiting our centres.

Sensory Play, April 2

Join us for a wonderful kids workshop filled with 'Safari' themed sensory play with Fun Messy Mates! With the addition of neutral coloured elements, a designated space for colouring and play-dough, sensory toys and the freedom to play and gravitate towards one's preferred station, everyone is welcome!


Bookings are essential and limited, sessions are 30 minutes each. Please show your booking ticket or Ed.Jnr email to participate!

Located in our Ed. Jnr Space, in the South Mall (opposite Boost Juice).

Please note: We will try our best to accommodate walk ins if space permits!

What can you expect at our sensory classes?
  • A low-stimulation environment: We've created a space that minimizes sensory stimuli to prevent overwhelm.
  • Spaced-out seating: Each child has plenty of breathing room to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Visual aids: Clear visuals of the craft projects ensure everyone can participate and understand the activities.
  • Coloring activities: For children who may need a break or prefer a quieter activity, we provide coloring materials and space.
  • Calm corner: A designated area equipped with calming sensory items offers a retreat for children who need a moment to relax.
  • Minimal materials with separation: We keep the craft materials to a minimum and separate them, allowing children to explore at their own pace.