Sensory Map

Sensory Map

Ed.Square Town Centre is proud to develop our sensory map, in collaboration with Autism Spectrum Australia. We understand the importance of creating inclusive spaces for all visitors, and our sensory map is designed to enhance the shopping experience for individuals with sensory sensitivities. This map provides valuable information about areas within our centre, highlighting sensory-friendly zones and offering helpful tips to navigate the environment comfortably. At Ed.Square Town Centre, we are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported. Explore our sensory map to discover how we're making shopping more accessible for all.

What is a Sensory Map?

Sensory maps are used to prepare a person and increase the predictability of a new environment and indicate calmer, quieter places if needed. This helps to reduce sensory overwhelm, anxiety and stress.

Developed in partnership with Aspect

Ed.Square Town Centre was assessed by Aspect’s Autism Friendly team on a typical, busy day. Autistic people conducted a walkthrough of common areas, giving live feedback about their experience and advising on potential positives, challenges and solutions. Individual retailers and car parks were not assessed.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Ed.Square Town Centre and ensuring your visit is enjoyable and accommodating for all.

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Disclaimer: This map has been created in partnership with Aspect and is accurate as at November 2023 for Ed.Square Town Centre. The sensory legend is reflective of the common mall areas within Ed.Square Town Centre only and not inclusive of individual retail store experiences. This sensory map acts as a guide only and has been mapped on a typical weekday in centre. Sensory experiences are subject to change at any time.