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Monthly fun for little ones

Why should adults have all the fun? Welcome to Ed.Jnr, a magical place where kids can let their imagination run wild!

Ed.Jnr is a brand new kids club filled with endless opportunities for fun, creativity and learning. With monthly activities crafted for kids aged 3- 8 years old, exclusive invitations to our school holiday programs, special family offers, birthday gifts and so much more, we guarantee plenty of fun and edventure! 

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Upcoming Events

Under the Sea and Baby Shark Sensory Play with Fun Messy Mates

Wednesday 5 June 2024 | 11:00am - 3:00pm
The booking link will be available one week before the event.


Welcome to Ed.Jnr

Provide your child’s birthday to receive a special gift during their birthday month! Parents will be emailed with details of the gift and how to claim.